Our process is based out of The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers’ (ASHRAE) standard which are considered as global industry benchmarks..

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PruNergy lighting audit is the foundation of a cost-effective, energy- efficient strategy that enhances the lighting design. Each facility will have a unique solution based on the space..

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PruNergy Home Energy Audit evaluates how much energy a home consumes and provides a plan of action to make it more energy efficient and at the same time comfortable...

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With our Expertise combine with Past Experience along with the inventions of New tools , Soft ware and Measuring Instruments(which we are also fully equipped) , it is 100% Possible to track or make early Predictions of future failures of Machineries /Equipments / switch gears etc. we can call it Predictive Maintenance (PdM) programme, where Tracking key indicators over time to predict when equipment needs repair. Predictive maintenance programs measure equipment on a regular basis, track the measurements over time, and take corrective action when measurements are about to go outside the equipment operating limits.

Our Team

Working with PruNergy is a pleasant and comfortable, experience. We are committed to grow only as fast as we continue to recruit professionals that demonstrate practical "whatever it takes" attitude. We will continue to be unique and successful.

Our Engineering Group serves a crucial support role to all sectors, but beyond this, the OT engineers often manage multi-discipline projects for industrial, institutional, and commercial clients.

Many of our engineers and consultants have a vast past experience working in industry, which translates to valuable and practical solutions for our clients.